Captain Jack's Chapman Ranch Plug
Captain Jack's Chapman Ranch Plug

“Only the fish and my most trusted friends got to see my plugs.
If others had my lures they would be able to catch more fish,
glut the market and ruin the price of fish."

- “Pluggin’ Shorty”

Captain Jack's Chapman Ranch Plug

History of Pluggin Shorty Fishing Lure

A replica plug that was originally designed by Anton Stettner aka “Pluggin’ Shorty” and manufactured by Doug English Lure Co 1948 - 1950

Plugs are a popular type of hard-bodied fishing lure. They are widely known by a number of other names depending on the country and region. Such names include crankbait, wobbler, minnow, shallow-diver and deep-diver.

King of the artificial lure fisherman Anton Stettner known as “Pluggin’ Shorty” could catch more with his lures than another angler fishing at his side with live shrimp. “Pluggin’ Shorty” once brought in 100 pounds of trout, while Dale Wassen, fishing next to him was unable to get one. Anton Stettner “the best lure fisherman on the Gulf coast” was born in Austria in 1901. By 1935 he was carving his plugs at home at night and fishing them during the day. He created plugs with wings that would stay up in the water column.

The History of Tackle Makers of Texas

The great state of Texas has produced many important innovations in fishing tackle history—from the earliest known Texas tackle patent from 1853 (a spring hook invented by an African-American named Henry Sigler) to the multitude of baits offered by the Whopper Stopper and Bomber Bait Companies. But one part of the Lone Star State has been somewhat overlooked, at least by the rest of the country. This two-part article will profile three tackle manufacturers from the port city of Corpus Christi, Texas: Sportsman’s Lure Company, Padre Island Bait Company, and the Doug English Lure Company. While this piece in no way pretends to be comprehensive, it should give a bit of insight into these firms during the heyday of 20th century American fishing—the 1950s—and help bring a bit of their history to a broader audience. - The Tackle Makers of Corpus Christi, Texas - by Dr. Todd E.A. Larson © 2008 - Read Part I and Part II of this Blog article here.

About Chapman Ranch Plug

Plugs are a popular type of hard-bodied fishing lure. They are widely known by a number of other names depending on the country and region. Such names include crankbait, wobbler, minnow, shallow-diver and deep-diver. The term minnow is usually used for long, slender, lures that imitate baitfish, while the term plug is usually used for shorter, deeper-bodied lures which imitate deeper-bodied fish, frogs and other prey. Shallow-diver and deep-diver refer to the diving capabilities of the lure, which depends on the size of the bib and lure buoyancy.

Fish that are caught with the Chapman Ranch Plug are at depths from 1 to 5 feet and many strike the bait while it is sinking or as soon as it hits the water. The best way to check out the depths of the lure is to count down as soon as it hits the water and then start your retrieve. This bait is best used for catching all types of fish, such as trout, bass, red fish, drum, and many more. For a great day of fishing, this is the bait for you.

Classic Plugs

Classic plugs float on surface but simultaneously dive under the surface of the water and swim with a side-to-side wobbling movement (hence the alternative name wobbler) upon retrieval. Plugs can dive to either a very shallow depth due a small bib, or to a moderately deep depth (i.e. several metres) due to a large bib. Sometimes plugs are named after their diving ability, e.g. "deep-diver" or "shallow-diver". Plugs can also be designed to hover (neutral buoyancy), sink slowly or sink rapidly. Some have a small metal ball inside to "rattle" when retrieved. They can be finished in a wide variety of colors and color patterns, or printed with very lifelike fish, frog and crayfish patterns.

Buy a replica - “PLUGGIN’ SHORTY” Today!

Two "Replica" Chapman Ranch Plug's to Choose from:

White Blank Plug w/ Hardware
Product Code: plug001

Blank Color, easily modify this plug with paints and markers to make the best looking and best fish catching lure you have ever owned.

Included with Plug:

  • #SR3 Split-Rings
  • #6 3X - Treble hooks

Price: $3.99

Red Head Plug w/ Hardware
Product Code: plug002

This Red Headed version, is manufactured with a painted head and a yellow eye with a black pupil. This lure also features a top fin and tail painted with a hint of yellow.

Included with Plug:

  • #SR3 Split-Rings
  • #6 3X - Treble hooks

Price: $3.99


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